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Buying or leasing a new vehicle can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You put the time in to research your favorite car, and then you schedule a test-drive to experience the vehicle firsthand. That's great! But it's always imperative that you ask the right questions when you visit a local car dealership. That's why our Toyota dealer near Biloxi has compiled some of the most common questions we've received from drivers, so that you can feel more prepared during your car search. Whether you want to trade in a car or compare AWD vs. 4WD, we have answers that will offer more insight and give you more confidence.


Should I Trade In a Car to a Dealership?

We recommend selling a car to a dealership rather than a private sale. When you trade in a car to a dealership, you can take your used car's value and apply it to a new Toyota or other used car for sale.


Should I Lease or Buy a Car in Mississippi?

It depends on your situation. Do you have a short commute, prefer to switch cars every few years and need lower monthly payments? Then leasing a Toyota might be right for you. If you would rather not have contracted mile limitations, the freedom to customize your vehicle and sell a car at any time, then financing a vehicle would be better suited for you.


Do I Need All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive?

Toyota models with all-wheel drive will give you more confidence on slippery roads. However, if you enjoy the experience of off-roading, then you might want to opt for a four-wheel drive vehicle. It all depends on your lifestyle and how you want your vehicle to perform in certain conditions.


Is Cannon Toyota a Good Place to Buy a Car?

Of course! Our Moss Point Toyota dealer strives to provide drivers a unique and personalized car-shopping experience. We listen to the needs of every customer and give everyone the attention they deserve. We'll do our best to match you with the car you want most, and we'll always be there for you well after the initial sale with top-tier auto repairs and reliable Toyota service.

If you have any more questions about leasing or buying a Toyota near Biloxi, feel free to visit us or contact Cannon Toyota today. Our experts are always available to assist and help you better understand your Toyota financing options, so that you feel even better about taking home your very own Toyota car!